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Front amber strobes (pair) - Freelander 2

Front amber strobes (pair) - Freelander 2


A pair of clamp brackets designed to mount two flashing LED amber strobe lamps to the front grille on a Freelander 2.


Available for older "pre-facelift" and newer "facelift" grille styles.


Easy to fit. No need to remove the front bumper!


This kit includes two lamps, each with 12 LEDs and mulitple flashing modes.


Brackets are 3D printed in solid black plastic with brass threaded inserts and stainless steel bolts. Cable length is approx. 0.5m long. To change the flash mode, touch the yellow wire briefly to the red wire (+12V).


Operating temperature range -10'C to +40'C.


Not suitable for the HST mesh style grille.

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