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Front lift spacers (pair) - Freelander 2

Front lift spacers (pair) - Freelander 2


A pair of front suspension lift spacers for Freelander 2 / LR2 / Range Rover Evoque. Each spacer is made of firm durable polyurethane rubber and has a thickness of 20mm (25mm at the outer edge).




These spacers are easy to fit and don't usually require the balljoints to be separated. The spacer can simply be inserted in above the top plate with the strut still in situ.


Polyurethane will not perish or shrink, will not corrode or fatigue like steel equivalents, and will flex slightly as the suspension moves up and down giving excellent noise attenuation.


There is also no need to fit longer brake hoses or anti-roll bar drop links.


The underside of the spacer is dished to match the domed shape of the strut top plate. This kit includes longer high-tensile bolts, stainless steel washers and guide tubes. Detailed step-by-step fitting instructions included.


Also suitable for Volvo XC60 front suspension.


Does not include a new suspension top plate. This is shown in the photos for information only.


12 month warranty


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